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• Anyone conducting research or commercial projects on Aboriginal land needs a special purpose permit.

• Media are requested to register here If you are unsure contact the CLC on 61 (08) 8951 6211 or [email protected] or visit 27 Stuart Highway Alice Springs. The following roads are not public roads and require a transit permit: • Tjukaruru Road (between Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park boundary and WA border).

On Tuesday night, Mr Lowe said he noticed the Australian national flag hanging up behind the bar in preparation for Australia Day.

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The permit system is simply about asking before visiting.• Contractors to government do not need an entry permit for work in communities but do need an entry permit for work on Aboriginal land outside communities (including outstations).• Anyone visiting outstations and other Aboriginal land outside communities needs an entry permit.FLYING the flag is a source of pride for many Australians.But which flag, or flags, has become a point of contention at a Bundaberg pub following a complaint by a local Indigenous man.

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