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That may help them feel less defensive when you describe their child's performance in your class. "Don't let the only goals at the meeting be the parents' goals," says Newberry.

"They may just come in and yell at you because they think you've been unfair.

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My big worry is that, if he ever finds out that I am insecure about him, he could ask her to end this relationship and she would probably listen to him too.Your goals should be child-centered—a clear plan of action. That's why you talked to other teachers beforehand."Many parents come to a conference highly defensive," says Newberry. So in case Dad and Mom ever do show up mad, here are some ideas on how to cope, and maybe even turn the encounter into an opportunity for everybody—parents, kid, and you—to do better. But furious parents can do a lot of damage, whether or not there's any basis for their anger.

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