Greek dating live gr emma thompson and alan rickman dating

Greek parents generally have a lot of influence over their children throughout their lives and are deeply devoted to them.Indeed, Greek children often live in their parents’ home for years into their adulthood.The ‘’ (grandfather) play a particularly important role in child raising, often looking after a child whenever parents are unavailable.Many Greeks also have a pair of godparents that are chosen at their birth.The elderly are given utmost respect and are consulted when any major decision is made.Most people are taught never to talk back or argue with the opinions of those older than them.

Greeks often assist their relatives in finding employment as well.

This formality may still be followed in rural areas, but it is generally no longer necessary.

Most Greeks date casually in a way that is familiar to Australians.

Nursing homes and residential care are viewed negatively; if Greeks must live in a nursing home, their children are expected to visit them often and make all arrangements for them.

Age gives authority in Greek families and society at large.

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