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The pictures were allegedly taken from a cloud-based Internet data storage system.Posts on the websites 4chan and Reddit said the celebrities were exposed when a hacker broke into their cloud-based storage.Phone calls to the company offices and the homes of Libman and Greenberg were not answered.interviewed the woman whose complaint triggered the investigation of Pierson and Webe Web, who agreed to talk on the condition that neither she nor her daughter be identified.

They also face forfeiture of all proceeds from the Web sites.

The woman said that she and her daughter were frightened to leave because Pierson had earlier displayed a handgun he kept in the house, so they endured several more hours in the studio.

“I said ‘We can’t do this,’ but my daughter said she was scared to leave and let’s get through this and then we won’t come back,” she said.

Both men were arrested Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale and are due to be arraigned on Friday.

Photographer Jeff Pierson of Brookwood, Ala., also was charged with two counts of using a computer to “transport child pornography in interstate commerce” from January 2003 through 2004.

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