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Putting a label in front of someone’s job title with their gender or race — that’s the opposite of understanding who that person is" and further added saying, The show treats the LGBTQ community members quite well, and instead of contrasting them with the ordinary people or shedding them into a different light, the show tries to show that these people are the same as anyone else and tries to portray them as average humans living peacefully in the society.

Clayton talked about her opinion on how the show builds itself around the LGBTQ cast stating, "The story does not center on transition, which I think is a really important step to take with trans characters.

And now, you know, not only am I working as an actor, but I'm getting to travel to all of these amazing places and, you know, it's opened up opportunities to travel for other jobs. We need to meet as I have already started building the new world. Outdoorsy Keanu likes to spend his time (you guessed it) outdoors. He's a little embarrassing, but you secretly love it. Responsible Keanu is the guy you can rely on to drop everything if he heard you were upset, or if you thought there was an intruder in your house. But most of the time, he has no idea what's going on. But if you told him that, he'd say something about how he liked those "trends" before they were cool. Boy-Next-Door Keanu walks you home from school because it's the neighbourly thing to do.

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