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She gives you tiny moans and the occasionally little gagging noise as you fuck her face and touch the back of her throat. Immediately her hand went back to the tops of her knees."Until I am done with you that pussy is mine," you growl.It's been far too long since you had any good play time and the lack of it is wearing on you. Mostly for your own sadistic pleasure, but also so you both can hear exactly what she's asking for.

Swiping up from the bottom to the top, you savor the taste of her on your tongue and listen to her whimpers as you tease her clit. "Now, I'm gonna fuck you hard and your gonna cum all over my cock while I fill you. You slam into her once more so hard that the arm of the couch almost gives away, but as your cum drains out of you and floods your fantasy woman's tight hole you can't really find a moment to give a fuck about the damn couch.

She opens her mouth and sucks on your thumb with enthusiasm as if dying for something in her mouth. " you ask with a husky chuckle as you pull your thumb away. You tighten your hand on her hair not allowing her to come any closer. You open your eyes and grip her head with both hands to take over.

Thrusting in and out of her mouth firmly you can't take your eyes off the amazing sight. " She mumbles something unintelligible that could possibly have been 'yes, sir'. "What if I was to blow my load in your mouth and watch as it drips down that chin while you try to swallow it? Her eyes show a twinge of worry but you spot her hand straying towards her pussy. "Hands off," you growl at her as you pull your cock out of her mouth despite her moan of protest.

Her big blue eyes are staring at you with a vague emotion that was anything but angelic. " you stutter out the first coherent thought that popped into your head as you desperately try not to drop your eyes further than her soft pouty red lips Those two lush lips were torment enough on your swiftly rising erection. this moment with this woman standing in your living room would forever be branded into your head. Which, if you admitted it to yourself, made this moment all the sweeter.

"For the longest time now, I have not been able to get the sight of your cock out of my head," she admits softly. If that didn't break you from your hesitation her slender hand reaching up and gently pinching one perky nipple eliciting a tiny moan from her, sure as hell did.

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