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As many music enthusiasts know, Bush rarely gives interviews and when she does, she holds her cards close to her chest. I split it up into working on the two narrative pieces that can tell a story.

But in a rare interview via phone from her home in the U. The scariest thing was whether I’d be any good performing live again. I think in some ways it’s changing in a very positive way.

She’s a very intelligent woman but I don’t see much to fear. When I’ve heard a piece of music or seen a painting that moves me, it gives me something. I have intentions as a writer, but people—when they’re listening to a track—will take from it what they interpret.

I will say it is great to have a woman in charge of the country. Sometimes people mishear my lyrics and think a song’s about something it isn’t. If it speaks to them and they get something positive from it, it’s great.

The record company thought people might find the title offensive. Normally I don’t compromise at all but it felt important to give that song the chance to be heard. I’d put a lot of work into putting that album together and I wanted it to have every chance. In my case, it might take a long time and you try to do the best. A: In some ways, when you re-envision a song like that, there’s a completely different energy to it each night. Your personal energy is different because some days you’re energized, some nights you might be tired so that affects your memory and your emotion.

A: It’s a really great thing to have said, but I think as a mature artist, you’re probably always trying to undo the compromises of one’s self [in general]. As an artist, you’re never happy with anything you do. A: With some of the songs, we brought the pitch down to alto. For “Running Up That Hill” we had worked with a drum machine [in 1985]; the basic rhythms of “Running Up That Hill” happened because the whole track was built on a drum machine.

The birds were quick to accept the presence of a hide and came to the feeding area just within half an hour or so.

They then became regular visitors afterwards and I got to photograph them very easily from the hide.

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I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. The great thing about art on any level is that it can speak to all people if it’s achieved properly.

True, there were rays that penetrated the thick miasma of Hollywood spin, bolts of summer lightning that occasionally split open the dark nimbus that had hovered over the entertainment media. The web can be a boggy swamp of misinformation and lies; but it’s democratized the path to information and broken down the barriers between those who deliver the news and those who consume it. Watch the glorified infomercials that pass for interviews on some of the major television shows and you wonder what planet they’re living on.

But there’s pressure to change, and the pressure is building fast.

In the summer of 2014, British singer-songwriter Kate Bush surprised her fans by announcing she was going to give her first concert in 35 years at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, England.

Tickets to 22 shows sold out in 15 minutes and Bush aficionados—who had long since made peace with the fact that they’d never see the British singer-songwriter live—travelled from around the world to witness Bush’s two-act performance of what is now known as.

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