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I thought it was pretty straight forward, especially having played all the way to Two Thrones.Like, Persona 3 (which I forgot to put there) is a dating sim, but it also has gaming elements that go beyond that.] and keep clicking 'More...' until you find the button that says 'Make me Alien Pregnant'.The fact that I don't have them yet is shameful, thanks for reminding ME.Because I'm a sucker for romance wherever I find it, I'm compiling a list of games which have some sort of romance in them, plain obvious or subdued.I want to make this list complete, so, if any of you guys can add anything to it, I'd be very grateful.And I wish I could play Shadow Hearts, but I only got a PS2 last year and the games are so damn overpriced!

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I was almost sure Uncharted had a romantic subplot, but I only got halfway around the first on a borrowed PS3.

I'm playing the facebook game Castleville right now, there are at least two series of romance themed quests for two pairs of NPCs.

:) I said Po P: So T's romance was arguable because some people believe there is no romantic feelings between them.

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