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verbs inherently alien to the expression of voluntary actions) occur also with the voluntary will, but in a different meaning, namely, in the meaning of an active action the performance of which is freely chosen by the speaker. In the given example the verb see has the active meaning of ensuring something, of intentionally arranging matters con-nected with something, etc.

Cf.: Your arrival cannot have been announced to his Majesty. Likewise, a number of verbs of the voluntary will-environmental features (i.e.

The method will consist not in free struc-tural manipulations with the analysed constructions, but in the textual search for the respective changes of the auxiliaries de-pending on the changes in the infinitival environments.

Applying these procedures to the texts, we note that when the construction of the voluntary will-future is expanded (com-plicated) by a syntactic part re-modelling the whole collocation into one expressing an involuntary action, the auxiliary will is automatically replaced by shall. Thus, we conclude that within'the system of the English fu-ture tense a peculiar minor category is expressed which affects only the forms of the first person.

Cf.: I will call for you and your young man at seven o'clock (J. When we wake I will take him up and carry him back (R. I will let you know on Wednesday what ex-penses have been necessary (A. If you wait there on Thursday evening between seven and eight I will come if I can (H. That the combinations of will with the infinitive in the above examples do express the future time, admits of no dispute. I shall be happy to carry it to the House of Lords, if necessary (J. As our next step of inferences, noting the types of the infini-tive-environmental semantics of will in contrast to the contex-tual background of shall, we state that the first person will-future expresses an action which is to be performed by the speaker for choice, of his own accord.

In particular, this refers to the pres-entation of reported speech in the plane of the past, where the Russian present tense is changed into the tense of simultaneity, the past tense is changed into the tense of priority, and the fu-ture tense is changed into the tense of prospected posteriority. It doesn't follow from this that the rule of sequence of tenses in English complex sentences formulated by traditional gram-mar should be rejected as false.

To make up for the lacking cate-gorial forms, special modal substitutes have been developed in language, some of which have received the status of suppletive units (see above, Ch. I repeated my request to notify me at once whenever the messenger arrived.

The latter type of neutralisation is syntactically conditioned.

However, the cited description, though distinguished by elegant simplicity, cannot be taken as fully agreeing with the existing lingual practice. A solution to this problem is to be found on the basis of syn-tactic distributional and transformational analysis backed by a consideration of the original meanings of both auxiliaries. Observing combinations with will in stylistically neu-tral collocations, as the first step of our study we note the ad-verbials of time used with this construction.

The main feature of this description contradicted by practice is the British use of will with the first person without distinctly pronounced modal connotations (making due allowance for the general connection of the future tense with modality, of which we have spoken before). The environmental expressions, as well as implications, of future time do testify that from this point of view there is no difference between will and shall, both of them equally conveying the idea of the future action expressed by the adjoining infinitive.

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