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Sufferers are often given pacemakers to correct their heart's rhythm and to make sure they pump enough blood around the body.

Previous research from UCLA has proven that e-cigarettes can cause lifelong damage to one's heart.

The new study, which exposed mice to e-cigarettes and tobacco products, back up repeated claims that it can lead to heart disease.

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In humans, bradycardia can be especially lethal for pensioners and can cause an insufficient supply of blood to the brain.

In September, the vaping devices were discovered by Swedish researchers to increase the blood pressure and heart rate of users.

And the study found that a condition known as arterial stiffness was three times greater in smokers using an e-cigarette containing nicotine than in one without nicotine.

And a report from West Virginia University also found that one puff of an e-cigarette is all it takes to increase one's risk of having a heart attack.

THE devastated mother of a teenager who died after an epileptic seizure in the bath has warned of the dangers of the illness.

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